Submitted by Mike Cadieux (Managing Partner)

FRIDAY MEETING MINUTES – #DRAINTHESWAMP I had 2 speaking gigs this week ISMNY and TEPA in Gotham(NYC).  Hope my “direct” nature didn’t upset anyone, but I’m done #sugarcoating it. Just keeping it real.

Back to FMM – Big Question was what is difference between, a partner or vendor?Last Job (15K+ suppliers, 10 partners, maybe)  Difference?  Vendors sell you stuff & run. “Drop & go SaaS”, Consultants who hand you the invoice & analysis doc. together, you know the animal. 

MY POINT – PARTNER TEST!!  You had 9,700 widgets last month, and now its 10,400. Pricing tier upgrade.  PARTNER, in your office with a new pricing Monday AM writing down his business & asking about the press releases from the weekend, (that you haven’t read yet). #ROCKSTAR The VENDOR is praying you don’t call him/her for 6 months to get the old tier for a while longer. #STIFF

TAKEAWAY – Go evaluate your top 10 suppliers in all categories, #DOTHEWORK, oh yea, factor out the Steaks, Stadium seats, and Golf outings in this analysis.  This is a swag free exercise.  Now what are you left with? These people are the ones you want to bring behind the curtain. planning sessions, early notice of changes, What if planning… Got It? Good. 

Have a great weekend

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