Submitted by Mike Cadieux (Managing Partner)

FRIDAY MEETING MINUTES – Wow! Big, enormous, biblical, shout out to the #SquadUp first Squad. Amazing first meeting. #prediction 12 months = at least 10 different Squads running. 100+ Procurement “assassins” all in mini-think tank, study group, cost attack squads, killing it!!! Oh, we can’t, watch us!!! BOOM!

Ok, back to FMM. Met today with someone in same role for 5 years with no real growth, thinking about making a move. #boredtotears My first thought, ugh, this poor kid, has a horrible manager. Someone has been asleep at the wheel on this kids career for 5 years. Its not all managements fault, I know, but come on. Manage Up or Manage Out folks!!! If you manage people and are not trying to make staff so good they leave or replace you, you need to punt your responsibilities. Go back to single contributor, admit Management ain’t your bag, and let someone else take the wheel. It’s ok, not everyone is a good manager, it happens. Hell, google #peterprinciple and connect the dots.

TAKEAWAY – sometimes you gotta fire your boss or employer to succeed. I hate to say it, but that is the hard truth about the world we live in.  Noone is going to care about your career as much as you.  Put on your big boy/girl pants, and get in the drivers seat. The key is to be able to, recognize the $h@t show, and have the courage to jump ship.  SIDEBAR- Do not jump to much, people will start asking questions, and think the problem is with you.   Listen, 99% of bad management are nose deaf to the fact that they stink. Evaluate you situation, plan and move. #makingprocurementcool #thetruth #sourcing #procurement #careeradvice #getthejob #getanewjob