Submitted by Mike Cadieux (Managing Partner)

MONDAY MORNING COFFEE – #AUTOINCREASES on Sunday night, because I can’t wait.

This is worth sharing twice today first on Twit., and now here. If you are #Indirect #Procurement this happens to you at least once a month. Time to start pushing back. No more auto free rides, that is crap. How about you, mister vendor, figure out how to take your support costs and lower them by the number of new clients in the past 12 months and let some clients that pay your bills feel the love on the cost savings associated with efficiencies of scale on support and coding.

Come on man, we are listening to your investor calls!!! We know. “Reoccuring revenue margin continues to advance”.

TAKEAWAY – If you are in Indirect Sourcing and signing a deal with automatic COL increases for your vendors, it’s time to ManUP!! Multiyear deals= Exit strategy multiplier. You already “gave at the office”when you solidified the Valuation multiplier on your 2-3 year deal. BTW, this isn’t your sales reps idea, they would be happy to sit back and collect the multi year spif, and not shake the cart, so be kind when you say NO. Shoutout – Mark Raffan, MCIPS, SCMP keep spittin’ it, this rant was my collective thoughts after reading Mark’s weekly NewsLetter.  If you are not subscribing to it, you should now!!!

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