MONDAY MORNING COFFEE Rev. 006 – #Questions

Submitted by Mike Cadieux (Managing Partner)

Quick shout out to the folks in Nashville at #ISM2018, I wish I could be there.

This weekend we had the 3-year-old nephew over.  And after the first 4 minutes, I knew what my Monday Morning Coffee topic was going to be.  OK, truth be told,  it was a toss-up; The art of eating soup with your hands, or Questions.

My Point – If you are negotiating you probably (like me) don’t ask enough questions. Not sure? Use the 3, 5,7-year-old son/daughter/nephew/annoying neighbors kid, whatever you got, as the #goldstandard on quantities.   Admittedly 4-7 per minute, for an hour meeting is excessive, but these kids are machines.  Try it!!!  I’m hiring my nephew next time I’m asked to manage an RFP, just so the sales team is tenderized enough by the time I get to them.

Bottom Line – ASK LOTS AND LOTS OF QUESTIONS. Whatever you are doing, double it!!! The best negotiators ask the most questions.

SIDEBAR – unless you are Simon Sinek, or soul searching on a couch somewhere at $150/hr+, stay away from “Why?”  The most combative question in the English language.  Don’t do it.  Or Test it. Ask your spouse WHY, on any topic, see how you do? Don’t blame me if you get a “are you completely out of your mind” look, or worse yet, a slap in the head.

Have a great week.  #makingprocurementcool #mondaymorningcoffee #procurement #sourcing #DOTHEWORK